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IMPORTANT, Please note:

Many sites require expensive, lenthy contracts, but Out of the Blue offers individual .mp3 ringtones (.m4r ringtones for iPhone users) @ 99cents each, with no further obligation!

If there's no sound when clicking on a ringtone's "Preview" button, just click on the "Refresh" button on your browser (or press "F5" on your keyboard) to restore sound.

These hilarious sounds are also great party gags and conversation starters! Your phone can sound like The Three Stooges, ice clinking in a glass or even a laughing fit!

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Big Boy! Big Boy:

Johnny Carson's "Floyd R. Turbo - American" character and cartoon rooster Foghorn Leghorn were the inspiration for our loveable lummox. From his trusty hunting rifle to his garish camo couture, Beechnut chaw, and 2 day growth, Big Boy is pure country. Boy-I-say-boy: look at him when he talks to you!
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Billy Bob!Billy Bob:

Jonathan Winters' "Clovis," a coverall clad clodhopper, inspired Billy Bob. With his bill cap atop that hayseed hair, he's a tractor ridin', critter keepin', whiny voiced wit, versed on all topics (read: a redneck version of Mark Twain)!
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Carl Cool! Carl Cool:

He's so...genuine...he just cracks himself up, ha, ha, ha. I conjured our plastic pal from memories of fellow announcers during my broadcasting years. From bonded teeth and blinding smile, to lacquered locks and LOVE of self, Carl's a true legend in his own mind!
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Ernie Elf! Ernie Elf:

I mean, we gotta have a one-liner-barking, sarcastic little twerp in there somewhere, don't we? The Ern-meister is a true elf, but with some very down to earth qualities. Yeah, he can blow pixie dust on ya, and travel through time, but he also gets hacked off at "vertically challenged" jokes!
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Goofy Gus! Goofy Gus:

Walt Disney's "Goofy" is the voice here, uk yuk. Even with his Alfred E. Newman buck teeth, Gus isn't as big a "numb nuts" as he appears.....O.K., maybe he is, but don't let his spinning beanie propeller fool ya. He's capable of some pretty profound, uh, er.....all right - he's a MORON!
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Honest Abe!! Honest Abe:

Statesman, educator, orator, spin doctor - and teller of only white lies, Abe is actually somewhat hip; dig his ringtone "Statesman Shuffle". To that, add equal parts presidential pomposity, political power, and pig wrestling prowess. The result - one very cool dude, er, honest!
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Maxwell Sharp!! Maxwell Sharp:

Would you believe he's as cool a super spy as he imagines? O.K., how about a fading sleuth with a bad "toup", who's important only to you, your kids, your buddies, and Either way, he's straight out of the 60s. Plus, the comely Agent 99 thinks he's sexy!
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Professor Pinhead! Professor Pinhead:

The pince nez, pontificating prof is more interested in hearing himself speak correctly than educating anyone. His voice is inspired by venerable comic Wally Cox  and Johnny Carson's "Art Fern", the tea time movie host. You'll do well to stay on his good side; the professor wields a mean pointer!
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Gabby Granny!! Gabby Granny:

With the voice of Jonathan Winters'  lecherous old Maude Frickert, Gabby's a hip hop, be bop Granny. She makes her great grandchild coo, she dances with a broom and does the slide; she's just a righteous old broad. Warning to males of any age: Do NOT turn your back on her (or your front)!
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Sad Sack! Sad Sack:

His quivering voice inspired by Barney Fife, our nervous wreck sees everything as a calamity. Panic laced crying fits are produced by ordinary events, from dentist visits to balky-starting autos. Sad Sack's not a glass-half-full kind of guy. He's not even a glass-half-empty guy. He's just a neurotic klutz!
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Sneaky Pete! Sneaky Pete:

We've all known someone like him, heh, heh. With a voice like Bevis (or Butthead), Sneaky Pete never met a shady deal he didn't like. He's got some legitimate moves like the Sneaky Shuffle, but this germ would rather sell you a hot watch than find the money on the sidewalk!
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Vinny! Vinny:

Ah yes, that beer swilling, sports watching, jack of all trades! Fresh out of Hoboken, Vinny can fix your pipes or saw your 2 by 4. You've seen him at games - the guy with the hard hat rigged with beer cans on either side, connected to tubes going into his ears! C'mon, yous guys - dis is da real deal!
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