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About Out of the Blue

Blue Hoyt -

I grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. After exile to, and graduation from, Culver Military Academy (Indiana), graduation from Florida Atlantic University (I wandered academically), and an honorable discharge from the United States Air Force as a First Lieutenant, I joined my family's agribusiness firm in neighboring Arkansas.

One day in 1974, I happened on a small radio station, KBOA, in Kennett, Missouri. Having always been intrigued by the weird assortment of sounds emanating from these places, I stopped by and asked for a tour, which resulted in part time employment in this strange new world.

Many radio stations, a near disownment by my father, two wives, and several therapists later, it's come to this. Over a 35 year career, I've had more success and fun creating crazy audio pieces than doing anything else in my checkered past; WHO KNEW?

  • Customized ringtones from my Lovable Lunatics Collection!
  • Unique radio ads for businesses from my Addy  Award winning studio.
  • Subcontracted services to radio stations.
  • Email messages in crazy voices for birthdays, bar mitzvahs, anniversaries, graduations, extrications from the dog house, you name it!
  • Written compositions.
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